Support service for the justification of Regional Incentive investment projects

list of grants and subsidiesOur previous professional experience, as scholarship technicians in the Autonomous Public Administration in the area of ​​projects subsidized by Regional Incentives, makes us aware of the long and difficult process from the preparation of the justification of the investment to the final collection, which for the responsible persons of the company supposes an arduous task and a cost of opportunity in front of other more priority tasks in the day to day of the same.

It is quite common to find, among those responsible for companies, the false perception that all the criteria set by the Resolution are being met and that no problem will arise once the justification by the technical staff of the Department.

However, this impression is quite far from reality since, according to our experience, more than 80% of the supporting files submitted to Regional Incentives are subject to a report of noncompliance total or partial conditions, which delays the final collection of the aid and is undoubtedly the most complex aid that exists in the field of national aid.

This means that most projects have structural (investment, employment, own funds) or administrative problems (presentation of information that is not appropriate from the point of view of technicians), of which companies are not aware and cause delays. of up to one year in the collection of the subsidy and, most seriously, partial or total reductions of the aid.

Our service of processing of the collection of Regional Incentives is a guarantee to ensure that your company will finally collect the subsidy avoiding unnecessary delays since, as Incentive technicians we went, we carried out an exhaustive study of the conditions, taking the necessary corrective measures and reducing the waiting periods until the final payment. In addition, our support means that your company knows first-hand what situation your file is in and what are the business measures that are necessary to take to finally collect the help.

There are many companies that have used this service: