Aid for companies in Castellón

aid companies Castellón

How many times has the lack of funding prevented your company from growing? Do you have a business idea and cannot put it into practice because you do not have the necessary financial resources? These problems are already part of the past thanks to SF Consultores. We are the reference company for the processing of subsidies, preferential loans or tax deductions in Castellón.

Twenty years of experience in the sector differentiate us from our competition. Our staff, composed of the best professionals, such as chemists, engineers, economists or administrative staff, keeps track of each case with the client companies that trust to hire some of the services we offer. Only in this way can we ensure a high percentage of success in the processing of the different public aids for companies that currently exist.

The methodology we carry out begins with a previous diagnosis. In it, our professionals carry out a rigorous study of the possible incentives, depending on the type of project, individual or collaborative; its scope, national or international; and its theme: Investment, I+D, energy or environmental. Once we have this data, we proceed to the processing of public aid with the preparation of forms, technical-economic reports, final review and submission within the required deadlines.

The next step we carry out is a process monitoring that is based on control milestones in the calendar so that project execution is carried out according to the incentive requirements. A justification, which consists of review and preparation of the supporting documentation and final reports, and support for post project reviews are the following phases. Finally, we seek new opportunities for public support for the exploitation of results accompanying the company throughout this process.

For the companies installed in the province of Castellón we process different public subsidies, preferential loans or tax deductions related to territorial revitalization projects, foreign promotion aid, subsidies for hiring unemployed people or for adaptation and creation of ramps to business premises, diagnostic programs for commercial innovation or for the creation of new companies and entrepreneurs (we recommend that you review our section on help for entrepreneurs).

Therefore, SF Consultores is the best option for all those companies in Castellón and its province that want to start a new company or expand their current business through the processing of grants, preferential loans or tax deductions, both provincial and regional as well as national or European. Find out everything we can do for your company without any commitment.