Reindustrialization and Industrial Competitiveness Plan

Our clients can benefit from Preferential Loans 10 years of 75% of the project costs in PRODUCTIVE INVESTMENT PROJECTS linked to expansion, modernization and innovation.


Industrial competitiveness reindustrialisation

General features:

Industrial Creation, Transfer, Expansion of production capacity, improvements/production lines are supported.

There is the possibility of including second hand items.

Supportable Costs:

  • Acquisition of ships
  • Production teams
  • Material and Intangible Assets
  • Engineering
  • Industry 4.0



Open to PYMES and large companies of Industrial Sectors.


Preferential aspects:

  • Financial Solvency (excluding criteria)
  • Export Increase
  • Innovation
  • Job Creation. The increase in the workforce must be credited at the end of the term.


  • Loans to 10 years, with 3 of lack, up to 75% of the costs.
  • Preaval, to be submitted together with the application, of 10% of the requested amount.

Interest rates according to the company’s financial situation.