Regional incentives in Aragon

Aragón regional incentives

Getting financing is key to the start-up of a new business or the expansion and growth of an existing company. Credit can be obtained in different ways. One of the most important is to attend public subsidies, preferential loans or tax deductions. Success or not in its processing can be key to the viability and future of a project, so having the most professional advice is very important to access the different regional incentives in Aragon.

In this sense, SF Consultores is the reference company when it comes to processing the different grants that exist at regional, national and European level. What is the key to our success? On the one hand, the experience that has given us to work twenty years in the sector. On the other hand, have a staff composed of professional experts in this type of process. All this translates into very high success rates in the processing of the different grants.

Those companies and entrepreneurs installed Huesca, Teruel or Zaragoza can count on SF Consultores to have a integral service in the processing of the different regional incentives in Aragon. Among them we find the Direct Business Support Program (PAED), the Program of Aid for Industry and SMEs, the Renove Aragón Plan for the granting of subsidies in the field of saving and efficient use of energy, the aid included in the ICEX-Next Spain Export and Investment, subsidies of the Industrial Strategy of Aragon, subsidies for the Creation and Consolidation of Employment and Improvement of Competitiveness in Cooperatives and Labor Societies or the aid included in the LEADER Local Development Strategy (2014-2020), among others.

The methodology that we carry out at SF Consultores to successfully attend one of the previous or other existing calls currently consists of six phases: previous diagnosis, processing, follow-up, justification, support against post project reviews and dynamization. All this with an individualized treatment in each of the processes in which our client companies are immersed. The advantages of this system are to have an integrated service, higher percentages of aid, a greater amount of subsidy received per project carried out, a greater possibility of approval of our clients’ projects and a better image of the company before the Administration.

Now that you know everything SF Consultores can do to get your company or new business to obtain such much needed financing, you just have to contact us without any commitment. Find out about our wide range of services on our website. Our professionals will give you the best possible advice in the processing of regional incentives in Aragon.