Service for processing productive investment aid

productive investment

This service is offered to companies that carry out productive investment projects for the start-up of new industrial facilities or for the expansion of existing industrial facilities (either the acquisition of a machine or several).

The objective of this service is to benefit our client companies from the new aid offered by public bodies from different fields (regional, national, European) that appear continuously and offer both public subsidies as preferential financing at interest rate 0.

Our role basically consists of performing the following tasks:

  • Maximize the aid companies receive with a strategy appropriate to the calendar of the different organizations.
  • Technical-economic evaluation of possible aids before the start.
  • Definition of basic requirements for the company derived from each aid.
  • Effective preparation of technical and economic reports of each project.
  • Monitoring and preparation of the final justification until the conclusion of the project that ends with the visit of the Public Administration technician.