Aid & Grants Programmes

ayudas y subvenciones públicas

Nowadays, high number of the possible State aid available could boost the growth of business. The high amount of all kinds of aids, in addition to the required criteria and paperwork associated to each aid, is sometimes perceived as a handicap for applying for it in the entrepreneur’s daily routine.

SF Consultores represents the best ally an entrepreneur could have on these issues.  It will be in charge of all the needs during the proposal, application and justification of the project.

From our origins, our work team, consisting of different professionals, have been grown incorporating expert profiles in several skills, enabling to offer our best expertise in tax deductions, international R&D&I project, technology transfer and technological surveillance.

SF consultores knows what it does, it has two decades of expertise in integrated management of aids (preferential loans, tax deduction and grants) to funding R&D&I projects at regional, national and European level.

All this experience had led us to get more than 60 millions € to our clients since 2000, obtain a success ratio of 80% in national calls and 30% in international calls.

Every costumer is unique, so an individual follow-up is carried out. The first step to success during the proposal is to know which the most convenient aid to each one is. SF Consultores give you support during the whole process: before, during and after the application.  We analyze all possibilities available at the three levels: regional, national and European and with our clients, try to make the most adequate decision.