Energy efficiency and savings grants

energy efficiency

The energy savings in industries and companies in one of the most important aspects to be taken into account by the management teams to obtain greater profitability and competitiveness in the markets. There are many companies that decide to bet on aid for energy efficiency or subsidies for the energy rehabilitation of buildings in order to improve the balance sheets of economic results.

SF Consultores, Valencian company with two decades of experience in the sector, is a reference in the realization and processing of projects for environmental actions as: investments in environmental improvements; productive equipment with greater energy efficiency; productive equipment with greater environmental efficiency; environmental impact studies; ISO 14000 implementation and environmental labeling; production teams and prototypes; auxiliary facilities; specialized engineering; boilers, generators and renewable energy sources.

The concern for the environment has been one of one of the lines of action of SF Consultores since its inception. This has made us the leading company in the processing of aid for energy efficiency and financing through grants, preferential loans or tax deductions for the energy rehabilitation of buildings. Our professional staff is responsible for the entire process included in the processing of efficiency and energy saving grants.

Energy efficiency and savings subsidies most prominent in Spain in the industrial field are:

  • Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE): project financing and development and management of public aid programs that affect the main energy consuming sectors.
  • FEDER Funds: dedicated to the low carbon economy, within the Operational Program for Sustainable Growth.
  • Aid Autonomous Communities: include Aid for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies, Aid for the Rehabilitation of Urban Buildings, Regeneration and Renovation and Aid for Renovation Plans for Windows and Boilers.

National Energy Efficiency Fund: Financing of mechanisms of economic, financial support, technical assistance, training, information or other measures, in order to increase energy efficiency.

SF Consultores advise our clients so that they can benefit from Aid to Lost Fund up to 40% to the acquisition of investments aimed at reducing energy consumption or replacing industrial equipment that lead to significant efficiency improvements.

Promoted Activities:

Aid Improves Energy Efficiency

The following activities are promoted:

  • Acquisition of auxiliary facilities for energy efficiency improvement.
  • Use of residual heats.
  • Replacing equipment with new, more efficient equipment from the point of view of energy consumption.
  • Improvement of thermal efficiency and lighting in buildings.
  • Implementation of energy management systems.
  • Introduction of renewable energy in process.

The differential is subsidized against new equipment without energy efficiency.

Eligible Elements:

Equipment and facilities related to efficiency improvement, civil works and civil related assembly and assembly related to the main investment, external services, study and design.

Help recipients:

Aimed at SMEs and large companies in industrial sectors or with comparable processes.

Preferential aspects:

Energy savings with respect to total investment.

Economic viability:

Economic viability greater than two years is required.