National & Regional Aid

ayudas en España

Project’s funding requires a lot of technical but also administrative effort, due to excessive bureaucracy involved, usually associated with the processes of getting public aids. Furthermore, the huge amount of funding chances over the last year rise up to  25,965 calls for grants and public aid were published in Spain. Do not let this become a concern and contact SF Consultores.

SF consultores has two decades of expertise in Integrated management of aids ( preferential loans, tax deduction and grants) to funding R&D&I projects at different levels: regional, national and European.

Our professionals offer counselling about local, national or European aid chances that can receive their projects, as well as needed information required by State to perceive the project as innovation and eligible.

SF Consultores will take care of everything necessary throughout the period of applying and evaluation.

Our staff, composed of professionals from different sectors such as engineering, economics or administration, will perform the following tasks:

  • Maximize the aid received by companies with a strategy appropriate to the calendar of the different agencies.
  • Technical-economic evaluation of possible aid before the start.
  • Definition of basic requirements for the company derived from each aid.
  • Effective preparation of technical and economic reports of each project.
  • Monitoring and preparation of the final justification until the conclusion of the project, which usually ends with the visit of the Public Administration technician.


Some of the national & regional grants processed are:

  • Aid for industrial modernization,
  • Aid and tax benefits or Patent Box related to the development of R&D&I projects,
  • CDTI grants
  • Reindustrialization and industrial competitiveness projects,
  • Grants for projects of environmental efficiency and development of industrial initiatives;
  • ICT grants
  • Large projects for the expansion and modernization of production or
  • Support for collaboration and technology and business transfer.
  • IVACE grants
  • AVI grants