Success Stories

  1. World leader in ceramic coatings and frits relies on our work since 2005 for the management of its state aid and grants that have diversified indifferent actions: new production plants, development of new products and more efficient and sustainable production processes.
  2. World leader in the treatment of images LIDAR in general, has placed its trust in SF consultores in order to obtain grants or loans for projects about new multi-activity platforms and data processing.
  3. Spin-off benchmark in cutting-edge and emerging technologies such as photonics, relies on our services for the development of their innovation projects.
  4. Leading company in artificial vision technologies, diversifies its services thanks to grants obtained in collaboration with SF consultores.
  5. Business group of the ago-alimentary sector relies on our services for its environmental investments, R &D&I activities as well as for its industrial modernization.